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Tracy Mansion and the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, PA


Tracy Mansion, located on 1829 North Front Street in the historic Midtown district of Harrisburg, is the latest commercial renovation project from award-winning developer Susquehanna Real Estate.

The 1.54 acre site spans from North Front Street to Second Street, with a breathtaking view of the Susquehanna River and convenient access to Harrisburg business, education, entertainment and shopping.

Plans for Tracy Mansion include:

  • Restoration of existing mansion and conversion to commercial use including a fine dining restaurant and professional office or other commercial space.
  • Landscaped sculpture garden in front of the mansion
  • Ample on site surface parking


Drawings were begun in 1916 for a Tudor Revival home for David Tracy, then Executive with Harrisburg Pipe and Pipe-Bending Company, precursor to Harrisburg Steel. The architect, Charles Howard Lloyd, was Harrisburg’s most prominent architect of the time, constructing over 200 buildings including schools, banks, the Mason’s Building and many residences.

Construction was slowed by the start of World War I as Tracy’s company received a contract from the federal government to fabricate artillary shells for the war, but the mansion was completed in 1918 by Central Construction Company and was the second of three in a row to be built along Front Street. The Tudor Revival style was very popular at the time for residential construction, and to keep up with the fashions on the interior, an interior decorator from Manhattan, David Costuma, was brought in.

The original mansion has been described as a 30 room mansion with hardwood floors over concrete floors, with fireplaces, an iron cage elevator and a coal bin “so big that it was later used as a dining hall”. The main entrance was on Muench Street (though he lobbied for a Front St. address). The family had five live-in domestics including a chauffeur. The three’”car” carriage house was constructed after the house was completed and could have housed horse-drawn carriages as well as autos.

On the site of the parking lot, at 1817 Front Street, stood a large stately mansion with columned façade, until damage incurred in the flood from Hurricane Agnes in 1972 caused it to be demolished. Another mansion stood at 1815 Front Street, now the site of a 1960s commercial building.

The Tracy Mansion was converted into an osteopathic hospital in 1951 and functioned for twenty years when Goodwill Industries became the tenant, it was then converted for use as a mental health facility. The mansion was vacant when it was purchased for historic renovation by Susquehanna Real Estate.

Any drawings on this site represent approximate layouts and configurations of proposed designs. Dimensions are approximate and final layout may need to be adjusted based on building-systems design and other related technical requirements.

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